Alf Mood Boards for 2018

09 Jul 2018

Alf Group of Italy recently presented their new collection at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Their stand was a large one filled with unique designs which as always, provided us with plenty of inspiration - and design envy!

At the entry of their stand, they displayed 8 mood boards that summed up their vision for colours, materials and textures for the collection this year. Most of these themes were presented with neutrals reigning supreme and the feature colours being just that - only small features; however, we encourage you to use these boards only as inspiration and to be as bold or understated with your decor as you wish. With no one theme or colour being more prevalent than others, there is sure to be one or two boards that give you some inspiration for your own home!

Pink, Red, Coral & Grey

Feminine and romantic yet sophisticated and chic, this colour palette features deep wine reds contrasted by soft blush and coral. Paired with grey, smoked wood and anthracite finishes, this provides a moodiness which without it the vision could be very pink!

Blue, Gold & Taupe

A warm neutral palette is one that appeals to almost everyone. What makes this look different is the introduction of deep teal, warm gold and black with white marble. Blue is the perfect pairing with these taupey and grey neutrals and is a 'safe' enough colour that appeals to a universal audience.

If you want to go a step further like Alf has, introducing elements of luxury such as gold and marble brings an opulence and individuality to the look. As we have spoken about previously, Maximalism is a huge trend this year, and introducing small elements such as a gold ornament or a marble piece is an easy way to bring the trend into your home without overdoing it!

Blue, Green, Soft Grey & Black

This palette also has a neutral base - albeit softer and lighter than the previous theme, which will appeal to a wide audience. Blacks, smoked woods and soft greys are paired with greens and greeney-blues - varying from light sage to mossy green and dulled down teals, for a fresh and calming vibe. Luxe textures such as velvet are paired with organic shapes and materials like stone and ceramics to highlight our ever increasing need to connect with nature and the outdoors.

These colours are unoffensive and bring a sense of peace to any room, and who wouldn't want that?

Dark neutrals with pastel pops

This deep and moody theme features anthracite, dark taupes and smokey colours as its main base colours. Paired with pops of blush and electric blue, this vision board displays one of the more unexpected themes.

A brave mix of deep, dark, moody with soft and romantic; the contrast between the two is a refreshing idea. The pastel colours prevent this look from being too moody and oppressive, while in turn the deeper colours provide the sophistication the romantic colours lack.

Taupe, Peach, Orange & Deep Blue

Orange is often used as a feature colour in design - however the more muted, pastel tones are not often seen! In this moodboard, bright orange is paired with more muted peach and blush tone oranges which provide an element of sophistication and style we don't usually get from brights.

Taupes, browns and warm greys create a strong base and help cement this theme, while teal blue is back as a secondary colour and provides a nice, cool tone contrast to the warmer tones.

Moody Neutrals

This one will appeal to the masses and is a timeless colour theme providing you get the contrast between dark and light right! Blacks, greys and taupes are complemented by lighter woods, whites and greys which lightens the overall mood.

The mix between warm taupes and cool greys - as well as darks and lights in different textures is a great way to add interest without colour.

Taupe, Emerald Green & Turquoise

Taking inspiration from nature, this theme features light taupes and greys complimented by deep forest greens and teals, with a pastel turquoise blue being the feature. Geometric details, inspired by patterns in nature like flowers and plants, add interest to this calming yet interesting theme.

Grey, Taupe & Ochre

Soft and cool, this theme is all about greys and pastels in non-offensive textures. Paired with ashy grey wood and cool-town browns, this moodboard will appeal to a huge range of people and could be used in any room. To avoid this theme being too boring, pair with a warm wood like natural oak or lacquer details in ochre, sand or gold.