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Chic Lounge Suite

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The Chic Lounge Suite's clean lines and geometric shape make it easy to work in with any interior style. A heavy stitch and sleek titanium base are unique design details in the piece.

Every Saporini Italia piece is hand made by expert Italian craftsmen, utilising classical and contemporary technology and providing inspirational design.

With an unparalleled attention to detail, Saporini Italia is a leader in the design and manufacture of luxurious Italian leather sofas. 100% designed and made in Italy, they are available in many combinations; and thick, supple, sensuous leathers in a range of colours.

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Chic 3M+2M Cat 40 Maya 7313 Steam Heavy Stitch Blk Base Product code: SRO-CHIC_4005 Low stock $ 14,995.00 Enquire
Chic A.Chair Cat 40 Maya 7313 Steam Heavy Stitch Black Base Product code: SRO-CHIC_4006 Low stock $ 4,050.00 Enquire
Chic 3M L+Cnr+3M R Cat 38 Arcobaleno 058 Mineral Heavy Stit Product code: SRO-CHIC_3802 Low stock $ 17,395.00 Enquire
Chic A.Chair Cat 40 Maya 7308 Cloud Heavy Stit Blk Base Product code: SRO-CHIC_4003 Low stock $ 4,675.00 Enquire
Chic 3Maxi Cat 50 Caress 5073 Anthracite Heavy Stitc Black Product code: SRO-CHIC_5004 Low stock $ 9,250.00 Enquire
Chic A.Chair Cat 40 Maya 7308 Cloud Heavy Stitch SS Base Product code: SRO-CHIC_4002 Low stock $ 4,675.00 Enquire