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Alf Italia at the Milan Furniture Fair

Alf Italia, Da Fre's more traditional sister, presented their new collection at the Salone and as usual it did not disappoint. High gloss wooden finishes, contrasted with coloured metal, inlay details and luxurious fabric textures featured. Velvet and fur featured heavily throughout Milan and Alf was no different. Helping to bring a sense of luxury, these textures pair perfectly with high gloss elements and add a rich feel to a room.

Taupe and blue were the main colours used on the stand, with warm metal and hints of warm orange and pink used as accents, as well as lots of greenery! Both warm and cool tone wood finishes (mostly in high gloss, with a few matt models) were used, both working perfectly with the colour scheme.

Browse Alf Italia here.

Alf Da Fre at the Milan Furniture Fair

As usual, Alf Da Fre presented products which all employed their philosophy of delivering excellence with complete attention to design detail and high quality manufacturing; focusing on clean, minimal lines and functional, stylish pieces. Contrasts between linear and curved shapes and also between warm and cool tones featured, making a statement without being too much. Blue, green, orange and yellow were used as pops of colour - contrasting with grey, warm neutrals and warm metals.

A standout piece from the collection, winning 'Most Coveted Sideboard' at the Salone, is the Rigaden buffet, which has a curved body with linear timber pieces around the entire piece, meaning it can be a stand alone feature in the middle of a room. A complementing dining table is also included in the collection, and we are very excited to have that on our floor soon!

As usual, Alf products are very customisable with a large range of finishes and colours available for every piece - a real highlight of the brand as this not only widens the appeal, but means customers can tailor the product to suit them and their space.

Browse Alf Da Fre here.

Oliver B at the Milan Furniture Fair

Oliver B is known for working with natural woods and using simple, functional silhouettes which let the beauty of the material take centre stage. This years collection was no different, however they push their designs to create new and interesting products that customers love.

"We want to give our furniture a luxurious touch by adding gold or copper metal accents. When it comes to functionality, a sideboard has to work as a sideboard at the end, and you have to make sideboards which you can sell. But design wise, there's no limit. So you need to find a good mixture between commercial design and artistic design. Don’t lean out the window too much — just lean out a little bit. This is what we do, and we have success!" says founder Oliver Bucher. This year, Oliver B introduced warm metal touches, a new grey ash wood finish and explored mixed materials and textures - all things that can be introduced into your home with ease.

Their goal is to be as close to the fashion world as possible. "When people go into a furniture shop, they want to see new things. They’re used to the speed of fashion brands, so every time they pass by a store window, there has to be new stuff inside. It’s the speed of our modern world." The attraction with Oliver B is that they are modern, always changing and bringing out new ideas, however their designs are still timeless, classic and never so out there that they will not stand the test of time.

Browse Oliver B here.